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OceanTech is here to serve you with the unsurpassed solutions for your businesses. Bringing the modest versions of all business process outsourcing solutions in the market like chat support, email marketing, live and phone calls support etc.

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We use creative ideas for your future success.

We use creative ideas for your future success.

We use creative ideas for your future success.

We use creative ideas for your future success.

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Yeah, there used to be a time when none of you knew to deal with such messy situations like missing important calls, organizing office problems, dealing with each query in an efficient yet manageable way! OceanTech brings you the best business process outsourcing solutions that guarantees you the planning, flow and management with pro experts of the niche!


Whatever is the type of your business, customize the services according to your requirements without worrying about costs! We help you in planning and coming up with solutions that fit your business perfectly!

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Eager in looking forward to develop your company with our impeccable services! We have a remarkable experience of more than 200 clients for 2 years. Extended our roots in UK and US both! Our ongoing projects tell their stories on their own which are some of the prestigious brands! Got a team of 200+ agents for these projects, with a huge space of more than 100 agents to manage extra traffic. In short, bringing you a guaranteed outcome!









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Here is an excellent look of how our clients are making us more valuable day by day! You rely on us and we are successful because of you! Oceantech’s amazing journey of success with a name that’s now a leading business process outsourcing solution in the whole competitive market.

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Trusted by world-class brands and organizations!

As you can observe, we are experienced in providing our examplery services to the top-class companies all over the world.


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The modern world is moving very fast and so are the demands of each client we get for you! Just when you think you can take a break from business world, you lose a client! That’s why, in order to make sure about the 24/7 availability of your businesses’ products and services, OceanTech has brought finest solutions. We have brought all the call centre and BPO services like voice, email, chat and back-office support, making sure your client can reach your services any time. You can rest and leave the clients on our pro team who will never simply provide you result oriented work!


To create an effective communication system, our call center, and BPO Outsourcing Services combine the power of the internet along with advanced technology. We have a team of highly professional experts who make sure the right delivery of people’s requirements. They provide the solutions to the problem with dependable skills, equipment and software assistance. Outsourced customers can contact solutions via voice, text, and email.

OceanTech has experience of leading the business’s development programs since 2017. A complete developmental journey of four years, with major leading collaborations expanding worldwide. In short, progressively rising with a certain emphasis on emerging markets.